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In completing the most recent project described in the previous entry, it occurred to me that it might be interesting to conduct some sort of fairly concise review of the timeline that takes us from Seiko’s first waterproof watch released at the end of the 1950’s to the evolutionary convergence limit represented by the fully formed 150m diver’s watch of the late 1970’s.  In a break from my usual format, I thought that you might enjoy a video presentation and so what follows is an improvised stream of consciousness loosely constructed around five watches in my collection spanning 1959 through to 1979.

I urge you to exercise some charity in consuming this content.  I have not before attempted to film at close quarters in any sort of dynamic sense and there are consequently one or two technical issues.  I was speaking off the cuff too and so you may notice at least two or three statements that might not be entirely accurate!  Feel free to identify them in the comments below.  If you think what I have done shows any sort of promise and would like to see more, then I would welcome your encouragement.  If you feel that I should just stick to just words and photos, then let me know that too.  I fully intend to keep the written output rolling at at least the same rate as before and so any video augmentation will be just that.