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For those of you who were horrified by my desecration of a hodge-podge 6105 in my opening post (assuming of course anyone other than I actually visit this here blog), here’s some small compensation.  A collection of photos of two additional 6105-8110’s acquired in the months after my first botched attempt to buy a decent example.  One of these is an excellent, near all-original example, the only concession to modernity a sapphire crystal and steel bracelet.  The second a tattier watch but one with lots of character and which I had relumed and serviced in the US before I started servicing my watches myself.  The other obvious difference between the two is that the second has a bezel insert harvested from an SKX007, the original in very poor, faded condition.



ImageImageImageImageI appreciate that some people don’t like relumes of old watches, but when they’ve been done as well as this one, in my view it can enhance the watch, particularly if the original lume is badly discoloured (as opposed to patinated).