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From time to time, watches that have featured in this blog may find themselves surplus to requirements. Usually, this is prompted by the watch display cases that I dedicate to completed projects reaching or exceeding their capacity and I am forced to single out candidates to move along.

I anticipate listing such watches here but readers are of course always welcome to make enquiries about anything they have seen featured here. Pricing will reflect the condition, prevailing market conditions and the fact that all watches for sale will have been serviced and consequently ready to wear and enjoy.

Shipping costs will depend on whether UK or overseas. UK postage will be by Royal Mail Special Delivery at a cost of £12. International will range from £25 to £50 depending on the carrier. For example, DHL costs to the Europe and the USA are likely to be between £40 and £50 with insurance up to a value of £1000.

All enquiries should be directed to

16th May 2023


Of the nine watches advertised in early March, four have sold (see 6th March post below). The remaining watches are still available. Other watches that could find themelves prised from my grasp have model numbers beginning with:






In all cases, feel free to get in touch for discussion, debate or negotiation!

6th March 2023

I currently have comfortably more than 50 completed projects, quite a number of which rarely worn. 50+ watches is frankly far too many and something has to give. What you see below are nine that I’ve selected for sale, with probably at least as many again that I could be persuaded to part with. The photographs below link to the original blog posts and the condition as shown in the ‘after’ shots in those articles is in every case, representative of the condition of the watches today.

In some cases, I have a price in mind but in others I’ve not yet given the matter of price a great deal of thought but if you are interested in any of these, then please do feel free to send me a message at and we can talk turkey.