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Following a rather extended break from the YouTube platform, I seem to be settling into a more comfortable, and importantly, sustainable format for occasional moving picture content.  Over the past 7 months, I have uploaded six videos, four of which intended as standalone mini-movies.  Some of you may have seen these, some may not.  And so in the interests of maintaining some sort of track on the various opportunities to consume amateurwatchfettler content, feel free to peruse any, all, or none of the following:

1. Bidding on Seiko 6105 auctions on Yahoo! Japan

A survey of a number of recent Yahoo! Japan auctions for both first, and second generation, Seiko 6105 diver’s watches but with the focus more on first gen. than second.  In reviewing these auctions, I speculate on what factors might influence the final value achieved in such auctions, and compare and contrast examples at opposite ends of the condition spectrum.

2. Restomodding a Seiko 62MAS in 8 minutes

A heavily abridged concertina of 5 months of YouTube content into 8 minutes. This video documents the servicing and subsequent installation of a Seiko 6216A 39 jewel movement into the rather more blue-collar Seiko 62MAS.

3. Restoring a King Seiko 5626-7041 Automatic Chronometer from 1974

This video is intended to accompany the preceding blog post that follows the restoration and repair of a King Seiko 5626-7041 automatic officially certified chronometer from May 1974.  In common with most 56-series Seiko watches from this era, the day-date quick-set function was inoperable due to a broken day-date corrector rocker wheel lever. The video features some of the repair to that part and its subsequent testing.

4. Grand Seiko 5722A Chronometer from 1965

A short video showing the inner workings of a beautiful second generation hand-wind Grand Seiko 5722A movement fitted to a Grand Seiko 5722-9990 Self-Dater Chronometer from June 1965.

A detailed written documentation of the restoration of this particular watch can be found here.