Some of you may have noticed that searches on Google that in the recent past will have thrown up multiple hits for posts on this here blog now no longer do so.  This is not the result of me being black-listed for having posted something controversial about Brexit or Trump or Facebook or Putin or Boris Johnson or the Australian cricket team, but is merely the consequence of a minor change in the domain name for this blog.

For reasons that now escape me, I thought it would be helpful to reduce the character count by 8 in a domain name that is already massively over-endowed with letters.  Consequently, you will see that

is now

This brilliant piece of marketing strategy has resulted in page views pretty much halving over the course of the past few weeks but what’s done is done and I suppose it will be amusing to see how long it takes me to get back to where I was a month ago!

Anyway, you may want to update any bookmarks or links that you have pointing this way.  Rest assured, I will continue to post at a rate that tracks more or less the rate at which I plod through the giant pile of old watches I have stashed away.

To whet your appetites, an upcoming post will feature (unless I find myself diverted) a brace of King Seikos and will cover the vexing question of how to work around the problems of the exhausted supply of replacement V-type bonded crystals.