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In 2014, I bought a Grand Seiko SBGV009, part of the 50th Anniversary Historic Collection released that year, and an homage to the Grand Seiko Self-Dater from 1964.

I splashed the cash in recognition of having reached the half-century myself that year and eight years of ownership since has required just two interventions to keep this beautiful watch ticking. This being a quartz watch fitted with one of the finest quartz watch movements ever made has meant that servicing costs are practically limited to occasional purchase of replacement SR920SW batteries, or for those who feel trepidation at performing the transplant themselves, handing over £70 or so to Seiko to do it for you. The first battery change was conducted in 2018, three and a half years into my ownership of the watch and in spite of the trivial nature of the operation, I chose to document it here as light relief from the usual heavier duty watchmaking content.

Another 4 years have passed since and, with the watch having come to a halt once again, I thought it might be mildly diverting to attempt to document the process again but this time on video. To that end, I refer you to the following addition my exceedingly under-appreciated (yet deservedly so) YouTube channel: