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Take one Seiko SKX007J (or K*),

one machined bezel,

one Seiko 7S26 fit MkII Plongeur dial (day/date variant)

Image credit: MkII Watches

one set of Seiko SKZ211K hands (we’ll see what these look like shortly) and proceed as follows:

1.  Remove bezel and bezel click spring

2. Remove the bezel gasket from old bezel, clean, grease and refit to the new bezel

3. Fit new bezel, taking care not to pinch the gasket

4. Remove movement, dial and hands, replace day/date wheels with white on black, fit new dial and handset, refit to case and stand back and admire:

5.  Enjoy for a bit and then foolishly sell.

* the K variant of the SKX007 likely emerges from the same factory as the J variant and that factory may or may not be located in Japan. The K probably refers to different destination market rather than implying that models so designated are somehow inferior to those with the J.